Grace Episcopal Church, New Lenox

Welcome from the Vicar

Hi, Welcome to the Grace Episcopal Church web portal. This is a great way to find out a little bit about us without any risk. That’s ok, but really, I think we are worth the risk of a real live visit because it’s the people that make Grace special, and people really need to be experienced live! But since you are here, I don’t want to waste an opportunity, so let me tell you three things about Grace.

First, we are a church (I know, OBVIOUS!). This means we are a Christian community, a group of people who do their best to follow the leadership of a man who lived over 2000 years ago and taught that life was lived best by loving God and loving your neighbor. There is a lot more, but that is the most important part!

Second, we are an Episcopal Church. This means that we have Bishops, Priests, and Deacons, but they share leadership in the church with the church members. It also means that though we take the Bible very seriously, we do not take it literally. We expect you to study and engage the word as best you can. Questions are encouraged!

Third, we are Grace Episcopal Church. We recognize that the world can be a busy and chaotic place. We offer an alternative; a place of peace. A place where you can find belonging and acceptance as a child of God; a place where you can find meaning beyond the struggles of life; a place where you can make a difference in the world. A place where you can experience God’s grace when you need it, and be God’s grace to others when you don’t.

So, that’s enough for now. I could go on, but I won’t. By now, either I have piqued your curiosity and I will see you in church, or I have not, and you have clicked on to another page. I hope I will see you soon!

Grace and Peace,

Fr. Bill Nesbit
Interim Vicar




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